Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) & Ship-to-Shore Transport


A rapidly deployable intelligent vessel for nearshore maritime operations. The modular design allows users to access, haul, observe, and record unlike any other autonomous surface vessel  

A rugged technology platform like no other.


The OceanSled™ integrates a ground control station for wireless radio control of the sled. The onboard electronics feed all sensor information to the pilot, allowing the pilot to control onboard mechatronics.


The onboard Cube autopilot with an integrated GPS module allows the pilot to pre-program custom missions for the OceanSled™. A GPS position accurate within sub-meter precision control, even when the unit is out of sight.


The electronics of the OceanSled™ are built into accessible leak monitored IP67 waterproof casings that protect the sensitive components from weather and seas while allowing batteries and components to be swapped out quickly during an operation.

Multi-Mission Modularity

The OceanSled™ has commercial and military configurations that can be customized to suit your requirements. It is the only rapidly deployable multi-mission intelligent craft for nearshore environments that has both ISR capabilities,  and can operate as an autonomous ultra-tough ship-to-shore / ship-to-ship transporter.

Spill Response

Equipped with manual and automated controls, hydrocarbon sensors, drone integration, thermal imaging, and Harbo Boom integration, the OceanSled™ helps you take control of bad situations quickly.

Shoreline Access

With aerial control, extreme shallow-water capabilities, and a ruggedized build, the OceanSled™ can be navigated to wave-exposed shorelines that most motorized watercraft cannot access.


It’s Time To Get Things Done

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