CLIENT: Ditidaht First Nation
DATE: July 2020 – November 2020


Project Overview

The Caycuse Regional Masterplan was commissioned in 2020 by the Ditidaht Development Corporation (DDC) to guide the next phases of development of the Caycuse Recreation Area. This hidden gem is the mid-island gateway to the west coast of Vancouver Island. Tourism in the area is a job creator and revenue generator for the Ditidaht people. Building from the work done to revitalize camping in the area, we worked with the DDC and subcontractors to develop a land-use plan and provide detailed requirements for site servicing and utilities. This work was guided by the goal of the Ditidaht Constitution, which reads, in part: That we hold the wealth of our Nation and the use of our lands, waters and resources in the future as we did in the past, to the common good and benefit of all Ditidaht, by fostering development that is based on the principle of caring for and maintaining our physical and spiritual linkages with our lands, waters and resources for all generations.


  • Completed a geotechnical assessment of most suitable development sites
  • Road layout for campground connectivity and regional access
  • Plans for cabin complex
  • Comprehensive site layout showing utilities, land uses, trails, recreational space, future projects, and preferred lands set aside for Ditidaht community use
  • Preliminary drawing of land use concepts
  • Lands inventory with Geotech, Environmental, and Engineering surveys
  • Evaluation of most effective projects for Medium Term development
  • Identification of best potential tourism opportunities, identifying different market segments and the capacities required to serve them

It is important for First Nations to “set the table” and assert goals and values that are “Indigenous,” which may include both traditional and modern reflections. The committee generally acknowledges that, as with ecosystems, core values cannot be isolated as single species or siloed stressors; this is counter to how ecosystem biology works.

– James Herbert, Gitxaala Nation

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