Coastal Resource Management & Marine Diversification

We grow the right connections and programs to support the goals of coastal First Nation communities. This includes feasibility investigations, funding acquisition, decision-making assistance, and management services for both coastal resource management and development projects.

We aren’t like the other guys and here is why… 


We support innovative projects and build trusting connections between First Nation communities, government, and industry partners. Our goal is the generation of shared opportunities and results for all parties.


Our comprehensive approach integrates technology, interactive training, and field operations to build maritime capacity. We get our hands dirty and work as partners with First Nation community members and staff.



Important decisions are made with consideration for the overall vision and values of the community we serve. This ensures resilient results that are built on the community’s strengths.


Our Services

Coastal Planning & Management

The land–sea interface faces increasing development pressures from human activities. Our coastal resource management and planning expertise comes from a multi-disciplinary team that helps communities balance their development and sovereignty goals with conservation and sustainability initiatives.

Capacity Building

We take a slightly different approach in that we support First Nation investment in people and education. We solve problems, learning alongside and from each other through a process of continuous improvement and innovation. Capacity building is at the core of our client’s institutional strength to govern and build wealth.


Marine Operations

As a coastal management company, marine operations are our bread and butter. Our multi-disciplinary team works on the water and draws on local knowledge and coastal technology (hardware and software) to better manage and finance projects.


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